Greenhouse Data Logger with SMS, CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Lumens/LUX!

The groWatcher ™ with groControl

Introduce your plants to the 21st Century with Real-Time Monitoring and Text Notifications, Live Photo with Time Lapse (IP camera extra) and Data Logging to increase performance instantly with groWatcher. Get all the features of groWatcher with our own groControl technology plus complete facility automation including Lights, C02, Watering, Nutrients, Intake/Exhaust Fans for open systems, heaters, air conditioners, tanks, etc..Don't buy new old stock, get latest computer technology!

Live Demo


Climate, Lumens, CO2, Private Database and Email Account!

Your Own Webpage where Temperature, Humidity, Lumen Levels/Light Leak, CO2 and Live Snapshot of your indoor or outdoor progress is displayed (IP camera extra for Live view). groWatcher's always Live technology collects data in real-time for you to browse from where ever you are. See how our Grow Intelligence™ can save money and yield more! Your groWatcher also has its own email account and will email or SMS Text you if anything falls out of spec or fails.

Babysits your Existing Equipment or upgrade and take Complete Control

groWatcher is a smart watcher to let you know on the fly how your room is doing and will keep a complete record of it as well. Make sure your "grower" or system is working properly for you. It will also auto sense Lights on/off and switch to optimal condition ranges for day/night so you don't have to set anything! Upgrade to our groControl smart box and bring all of your equipment all under one controller including high quality sensors.

Charts, Measuring & Time Lapse

View climate history and performance gauges using Grow Intelligence™ designed to help you understand and improve your yield potential! For resellers this is a great tool to document and monitor each grow cycle to support your quality of service. Our automatic Time Lapse feature helps you understand signs your plants will show you over their daily movements!

How IT Works

Grabs Data, Controls Devices, Takes Photos & Audibles

Data is collected from sensors serveral times an hour through the GroWatcher mini PLC computer and then controls whichever devices you own or purchase by IR, Bluetooth, Direct Wire, Power Outlets, etc.

Live View Anywhere

Your data is updated every 5 minutes to your private Cloud Database accessible from anywhere. QR Scan your groWatcher and watch your grow from any PC, Mac, or Mobile Device that has Internet access, even 3G! That's it!


Every minute our sensors measure your rooms environment and either by schedule or by limits set by you, control every device connected to our groContol. Our system also optionally allows those devices to be controlled on the go with any cell phone Web Browser and Internet connection, even over 3G!

Graphs & Data

With our Graphs & Data you can view how your grow is performing, where you might be able to improve, and even as a check and balance device to be sure the equipment you already own is performaing as it should! With daily Time Lapse you can easily learn each plants watering needs and areas where you may want to prune back by radical leaf movement!


Remote Control

Master Grower


Control Individually

happy with the product Control all of your grow lights on the go with groControl and/or individually. Great for Light Ramp-Up. You can also optionally set each light by time or by lumens detected by sensor with our GreenHouse Supplimental Light Cloud Control. Endless options which can save money on electricity and simulate Real Sun conditions!

Full Time Employment

Anything Else!

Co2, Water, Mist, Fans

Remotely control each part of your system in addition to the automation already set in groControl. While giving you remote on the go Internet access to your grow, our system also completely automates your existing equipment (new or old). 24/7 system support available and in most cases your updates will be made while you are on the phone with us!.


Grower's experience with the reliability that technology has to offer now will enable him/her to focus on their quality of service. #growatcher

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