Greenroom and Greenhouse Automation

Our live Demo is operating as below, call now to design your system today!


A. Multiple Live Images (This Demo has one for entire room & and a closup)

- Captures Image Every 5 Minutes; FTP's to Website Every 10 Minutes

B. Fan Intake with Hepa Filter

- Cycle ON for 10 Seconds Every 30 Minutes; ON over 82 Degrees (if outside humidity is over 60% do nothing)

C. Humidifier & De-Humidifier (reacts depending on outside Climate)

- Humidifier Cycle ON If Humidity Lower Than 30%; OFF Over 30%

- De-Humidifier Cycle ON if Humidity Higher Than 70; OFF Under 70%

- Checked Every Minute

D. LED Supplimental Lighting (1100 Watts this Demo)

- Cycle ON Between 8pm and 6am to 56,000 Lumens at 24" (Night Cycle for light cooling)

- Checked Every Minute

E. Fan Outake

- Cycle ON for Minutes Every 2 Hours; ON Over 78 Degrees (Night) ON Over 82 Degrees (Day)

- Checked Every Minute

F. Heater & Circulation Fan

- Heater Cycle ON If Temperature Is Under 75 Degrees

and Cycle Circulation Fan OFF

- Heater Cycle OFF if Temperature is Over 77 Degrees (Night), 77 to 79 (Day)

and Cycle Circulation Fan ON

- Checked Every Minute

G. Moisture Level

- Warning Notification Sent If Plant Moisture Is LOW

- Checked Every Hour

H. Additional groWatcher functions for Internode Distance Control*


Temperature, Humidity, Light Intensity and Water Level Sensor Data is sent to every 20 minutes where it is displayed as Current Conditions and also inserted into a graph for historical purposes. LED climate conditions are displayed above Current Conditions and are updated every minute.

Notifications are sent via email if:

- Temperature is Over/Under 85/60 Degrees

- Humidity is Over/Under 90/30 Percent

-Moisture Level of Plant is LOW

- Internode Distance Control


Please CALL for pricing and more information about groControl